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Free shipping in Japan for orders over 8,000 yen (tax included)!
Free shipping in Japan for orders over 8,000 yen (tax included)!

Japan Nishikawa Lightweight Warm Blanket (with collar)

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¥16,500 - ¥16,500
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A fluffy, soft, Japanese-made blanket that is lightweight and warm enough to be used year-round, and light enough to be used with a down comforter without losing the lightness of the feathers.

The collar is made of two layers of blanket fabric, which makes the blanket feel more fluffy and comfortable, and prevents cold air from escaping from the shoulders, keeping you warm.

[Product Details]
Country of origin : Japan
Model No. : 2019-79937
Package Size: 370 x 190 x 430mm
Blanket Size: Single (1400×2000mm)
Material: Fleece yarn (fleece part): 100% acrylic fiber, base fabric: 100% polyester fiber

Nishikawa Bedding】
Nishikawa Bedding, which has been in business for more than 450 years from the Warring States Period to the present, is a high-quality bedding brand in Japan. In order for every customer to "sleep well and live well", Nishikawa Bedding works tirelessly to research the latest technology and continues to solve all incurable sleep problems for customers.

Color: Blue
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