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Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)
Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)

Mary's Chocolate Mille-feuille Gift Set (10 pieces)

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¥2,688 - ¥2,688
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Crispy pie and cream are layered and covered with two layers of chocolate. The taste will satisfy even the most ardent chocolate lover.

[Product Details]
Country of origin: Japan
Package size: 227 x 37 x 190 mm
Contents:Almond x 3, Strawberry x 3, Chocolate x 4 (in a decorative box)
Storage method: Room temperature
Shelf life:About 120 days from the date of manufacture

[About Mary's Chocolate]
Founded in 1950, Mary's Chocolate has spread its charm to Japan and the rest of the world through the pursuit of the true taste of chocolate.

In 2000, Mary's Chocolate participated for the first time in the world's largest chocolate exhibition "Salon du Chocolat Paris" as a non-European brand. Since then, it has been showcasing and announcing its unique Japanese chocolate, which combines Japanese ingredients such as matcha and yuzu to express Japanese flavors better than any other chocolate.

In 2016, it was awarded the C.C.C. Prize, the highest honor, at the Club de Crocourt de Chocolat (C.C.C.), a prestigious chocolate rating in France, a feat unique to Japanese manufacturers. The original idea of chocolate and the materials challenged and the high technical ability was evaluated.

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