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Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)
Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)

Wakasa Lacquerware Chopsticks Gift Set (Arigatou)

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Original price
¥2,900 - ¥2,900
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This set includes two pair of chopsticks and two chopstick rest in soft colors with a cherry blossom motif.

These chopsticks have a beautiful matte texture and are easy to hold and thick. The tips of the chopsticks are roughened to make it easier to grip food, even slippery food such as noodles. The chopstick rests have a cute ribbon-shaped design.

These chopsticks are made by Ishida which has been producing Wakasa lacquerware for over 80 years. Wakasa lacquerware is traditionally known as "urushi" in Japan. It is a traditional craft of Obama City, Fukui Prefecture that has been around since the early Edo period and is treasured for its durability and timeless beauty.

The paulownia wood box is decorated with the word "Arigatou" which means "thank you", making it suitable for a gift to express your gratitude to the recipient.

[Product Details]
◆ Place of origin: Japan
◆Chopstick size: 23cm and 21cm
◆Box size: 13.7cm x 27.4cm x 2.2cm high
◆Material of chopsticks: Natural wood with acrylic urethane coating
Material of chopstick rest: Japanese paper, urethane coating
◆Can be used in a household dishwasher and dryer.(Microwave oven is not allowed.)

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