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Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)
Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen (tax included) (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau only)

Sarutahiko Coffee Drip Bag Coffee Gift Set (30 packs)

Original price ¥9,000 - Original price ¥9,000
Original price
¥9,000 - ¥9,000
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A gift of assorteddrip bags made with the finest ingredients, roasting, and blending.There are 3 types of coffee drip bag in one box. Not only can they be used at home, but they can also be used as gifts for your loved ones.

● Daikichi Blend Drip Bag (Dark Roast)
SarutahikoCoffee's most popular signature coffee. It has a soft and firm texture, arounded and mellow taste with caramel and chocolate flavors, and a pleasantly balanced and sweet aftertaste.

● Sarutahiko French Drip Bag (Dark Roast)
A traditional dark roast with a glossy and smooth texture and a rich chocolate flavor.

● Ebisu City Drip Coffee (Medium Dark Roast)
This is an Ebisu shop-only product that is not usually sold at online stores.It has a full-bodied flavor with a rich sweetness. You can enjoy the smooth bitter caramel and red wine aftertaste of this coffee.

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Countryof origin: Japan
Contents(Gift box)
・Daikichi Blend Drip Coffee (5 packs x 2)
・Sarutahiko French Press Coffee (5 packs x 2)
・Ebisu City Drip Coffee (5 packs x 2)
Best before date: About 1 year from the date of production

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